Edinburgh Virtual Background

I was attending couple of presentations on Microsoft Build last week and I noticed couple of presenters used virtual background.

The technology advanced a lot and it's sometimes hard to distinguish if it is a real or a virtual background. That inspired me to create this simple virtual background of Edinburgh in case you live here and want to make your video conference unique, like on TV 😊

Edinburgh from Calton Hill - Virtual Background
Edinburgh from Calton Hill - Virtual Background

The background is blurred and made a bit hazy on purpose, so it does not distract other conference participants from you. The original photo was taken last summer from Calton Hill just after the sunrise.

It's free to use for your video conferences. Feel free to share this page. In case you want a better resolution, or the original sharp image, let me know.

Download it here. The virtual background is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.