Importance of Testing a Software with No Data

Writing a software usually happens on a machine with a prepared testing set of data. When you write another feature, you just slightly modify the testing set. Then you just go along by modification of the existing set again and again. Does it sound familiar?

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One Hour Meetings Are Ineffective

Do you often have three meetings scheduled one after each other? How do you deal with it? I find such scheduling ineffective and exhausting. It's a struggle to keep refreshed and open minded when you run from one meeting to another.

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Bluetooth Beacons for Marketing

As I released my Android app Mobile Photo Guide I was considering multiple marketing approaches. I read several articles on Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology and URL broadcasting to target customers. It sounded convincing as my target segment are tourists who just arrived to Scotland. I saw the article Google Beacons: Proximity Marketing is Ready to Take Off in 2019 that was very promising too.

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Disassembling Cheap HDMI Cable

Few years ago I bought an HDMI cable for £1 ($1.31). I just needed to connect my laptop to hotel screen, so went for the cheapest.

It started to be a bit crazy in recent days as a placement of the cable caused some screen flickering.

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Bottom-Up Innovation

I genuinely believe every human being has creative and innovative potential. It's part of human code and we experience it in every day life, no matter if it is cooking, art, or engineering.

Software engineering to me is a discipline on the triangle of engineering, creativity, and craftsmanship.

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