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Breaks Between Meetings

More than 18 months ago I wrote a post One Hour Meetings Are Ineffective. The focus of the post was mainly on physically present meetings. As coronavirus pandemic moved all meeting to a virtual place, I think it's a good idea to reflect the thought and its benefits.

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Agile Baking – The Way to Perfection

This blog post is inspired by my recent bread baking experiments. As I was preparing my first sourdough bread, I’ve seen similarities with agile software development process. If you look around to other disciplines, you will find out that any innovative product was developed iteratively. Don’t take this blog post too seriously 😊

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Successful Project Kick-Off Meeting

When I was working with my last client, I was challenged with a task to start working on a new innovative greenfield project. The main objective was to get people’s buy-in into the project and get full understanding why we are doing it. Let me describe steps we did.

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One Hour Meetings Are Ineffective

Do you often have three meetings scheduled one after each other? How do you deal with it? I find such scheduling ineffective and exhausting. It's a struggle to keep refreshed and open minded when you run from one meeting to another.

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Bottom-Up Innovation

I genuinely believe every human being has creative and innovative potential. It's part of human code and we experience it in every day life, no matter if it is cooking, art, or engineering.

Software engineering to me is a discipline on the triangle of engineering, creativity, and craftsmanship.

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